Spring Symposium in Expressive Arts 2015

The 28th Spring Symposium in Expressive Arts held  7 – 12 April 2015 (Tenerife) is now open for registration at: http://springsymposium.net/

The theme for our exploration is “Phoenix Rising”.  We are looking forward to setting the stages for transformation, change, liminal space, rebirth, release, let go – and above all – presence rooted in hope.

Come and join the exploration of how the arts can help us to let go of old habits and let knew knowledge be born as a phoenix rising in gratitude to its ashes.

Workshop with Melinda Meyer and Markus Alexander. 21-23 Oct 2014

 Theme: Finding Home through Body Awareness and MovementDC55FX

One of our most talented and experienced expressive therapists is visiting Norway for the second time! We hope this will be an opportunity for expressive arts therapists to deepen their knowledge and to give newcomers an exciting window into expressive arts.QP5ZFX

Place: Drammen, Høyskolen i Buskerud og Vestfold (HBV). This course is accepted as an introduction course (Forkurs). One introduction course is mandatory before applying for ongoing education in expressive arts with NIKUT.

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Master in Expressive Arts in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding

Et internasjonalt studietilbud basert i Sveits, ved European Graduate School.
Ta kontakt med Program Director Melinda A. Meyer, meli-m@online.no


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